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June 6, a Cloud Based Phone System and VoIP Service provider in the Chicagoland area has just completed a Cloud VoIP Solution for a Movie Production in Glencoe, Illinois.

2 Line IP Phone

Yealink IP Phone, Yelp Deal! doesn’t simply offer Hosted Cloud phone systems, we are your single point of contact for voice and Cloud Systems. We replace your Old phone system and telco provider so there is no confusion about whom is responsible for what when there is a problem. We are so confident in the product we provide-we dont require a contract for service. The Premise based phone system is no longer necessary, eliminating that particular Capital Expenditure, maintenance, software upgrades, service, MAC, etc..

We are Committed to the Chicago/Milwaukee Region, we come to you, meet with you face to face,and do business with a handshake and in person, putting a face with the product.

A production company in the Chicagoland area has just moved its Telecom to the Cloud. The Company was seeking a solution that would allow them to move sets from Chicago to Anywhere in the US and take service with them on the road. When the company films a project, most recently in Milwaukee, they can take the office with them with’s Cloud Based Phone System Solution. The company is now self sufficient, simply unplugging their phones and move it to the new location, no need to call the phone company, an installation company, cutting major overhead and time consumption while staying in touch with production.

The Bonus- The Movie Production Company utilizing Cloud Telecom cut monthly spending by 85%, saving almost $20,000 over 5 years! Plus the added benefits of futuristic features such as App for Iphones, Voicemail to any email, and Simple to use IP Phones at the right price. simplified day to day operations, cut costs, and made cloud telecom out of site and out of mind for the business owner.

If you would like more information on how your business can start saving today visit or for a free Telecom Evaluation in Wisconsin or Illinois call 262-877-8411. provides hosted phone systems and VoIP Telecom Service in the Chicago thru Milwaukee Corridor. Aphoneapp’s Mission is to change the way business is done globally through Technology of Scale with a simplistic and forward thinking approach to Telecommunications.